3 Ways to Take Action, NOW!

June 18, 2016

Everyone has a goal, or two, but how often do we really follow through with those goals and make them a reality? We either get caught up in our busy lives and feel that we don't have the time, or we don't know how to get started and keep ourselves accountable.


Well, I'm here to say, we DO have the time! It's about deciding what we want and making our minds up to get it done, once and for all!


It's also about finding new and creative ways to make achieving our goals fun and most importantly, reachable. We must hold ourselves accountable for what we do and what we don't do regarding our dreams.


Here are some helpful tips in getting started and creating the motivation you're craving to get moving!


1- Grab a pad of post-it notes; on each note, write down ONE single priority. As you write each note, place them on the wall, or the table in front of you. Write as many as you want, and it could be priorities in your personal life, career life, social life, whatever your little heart desires. Sky is the limit!


2- Now, you might find this next step a little difficult but this part is essential to keeping you focused and on track. Choose ONE post it note. Yes, just ONE. Ask yourself these questions when making your selection, "What do I need to change RIGHT NOW?" and "What will happen if I don't change it?" If you're feeing a bit stressed out about choosing just one then choose the top 3 priorities in your life. Choosing any more than 3 may cause an overwhelming sense and bring you back to where you started (stressed!) It is essential in minimizing and sorting out your tasks/challenges one priority at a time.


3- Once you have chosen your most important priority(s), remove all the others and put them in an envelope to save for another day. Grab your post it note pad, once again, and just the same as before, begin writing down ONE action (per note) that you can take to achieve your desired goal.


For example, if your main priority right now is 'to lose 10 pounds' then perhaps one of your actions can be 'start walking 15-30 min a day', 'create a healthy snack', "remove sugar snacks from cupboard', etc... it's important to make the step small and realistic. Then place these 'action notes' under the priority and put them where you can see them EVERY day. Keep yourself accountable to these actions and every time you complete one, remove it for the day and then replace it the following morning upon setting your intentions for the new day ahead. By removing them upon completion, it will give you a sense of accomplishment and keep you motivated to continue on.


This process is easy and fun! Be creative with it, modify if you wish and enjoy the results you will begin to experience. Invite your friends to do the same and support each other throughout your journeys.


Most of all, be proud of yourself!!! Just by the simple action of listing your goals you are making the choice to believe in yourself and begin to create the changes you want in your life.


















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