When the expat road gets rough

November 15, 2017

Okay yes, living the expat life is an exciting adventure! There are so many rewards in living abroad and experiencing new cultures, people, food and learning more history of the world we live in. It broadens our minds to new ways of thinking, not only about what is around us but more importantly about ourselves. It teaches us more about acceptance, empathy and compassion where the world is concerned. There is so much greatness in travel and living life as an expatriate.


But sometimes, when you least expect it, one can begin to feel uncertain about their new home and the future it holds. It can surface feelings of frustration, resentment, guilt and even anger. Depending on where the relocation has taken you, it can be a difficult assimilation for many reasons.


For one, the language barrier can cause frustration if you don't speak the native language. Getting around on a day to day basis can be tough with food shopping, finding your way around or finding what you need. Until you learn some of the language things can get a bit tricky.


There is also the challenge of finding work which can be a very different process than what you're used to 'back home'. Work ethics and practices can vary from one country to the next and can create frustration and confusion if you're not prepared for it. Not to mention the amount of time and effort that is necessary in obtaining the proper visas and permits. Unless, of course, you have been allocated a relocation package by your existing employer, then things tend to be a bit easier as you have the support around you.


I often hear about the expat who has lost sense of purpose and self identity, therefore losing the confidence they need to persevere in their new surroundings. This usually comes about when the culture shock has taken its toll and the expectations around them are heightened whether that be from a partner, family or self inflicted. It's a daunting experience and can make one feel very lonely. The ability to find success and happiness becomes out of reach farther and farther because they have been stuck in this expat rut of negativity.


Well it's time to snap out it!


A Mindful Journey to Freedom is here for those expatriates who are in need of some guidance and support abroad. Don't let yourself fall into that dark hole of fear and uncertainty, break free from your limiting beliefs and create your happiness!


I encourage you to contact us if you, or someone you know, could use a bit of guidance and support around their goals abroad. Whether that is to find the job you desire, re-inventing yourself or creating the happiness you want and deserve! Let's make your expat experience A Mindful Journey to Freedom.


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