Releasing guilt and embracing self love

January 14, 2020

We all experience guilt. It's something that we learn very early in life whether it be from our parents, family and/or societal groups. It is something that is conditioned within us that steers us away from making the decisions that are dear in our hearts. We tend to hold back when we know that someone might get their feelings hurt or upset, or that something would change for others although it would make us happy.


As women we are nurturers and compassionate beings. Many of us tend to be people pleasers (especially with family/parents) we are brought up with the pressures of making everyone around us proud and happy with our choices. With that said, we tend to make the choices that are not necessarily our own, sometimes unnconsciously, leading us to a not so happy place. 


How do we come out from that place?


Learning to release guilt is not an easy feat. It's a life long practice of self love and self care. Knowing that guilt is there to guide us more 'within' so that we can acknowledge it's origin, process it and move forward for our own happiness is part of that journey. 


We are not responsible for how others choose to feel or how something might change in result of our choices, we are only responsible for our own happiness. We can most definitely make our choices with love and good intentions and provide the support that one might need around them. Ultimately, we must do what is best for us with peace and love in our hearts.


If you're feeling stuck and need some more guidance around releasing guilt. please send a note. A Mindful Journey to Freedom is waiting for you.


With Gratitude x






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